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Saxon Medical Group is a leading provider of medical technology services to healthcare professionals and facilities across the United States.  Our services allow surgeons and physicians to perform their jobs more safely and efficiently in order to enhance patient care. Saxon offers a range of medical technologies in the  clinical and surgical arenas.  We are committed to working with you toward satisfying the needs of your patient.  Feel free to contact us today to experience the difference that the quality of our service can make.

IOM is Recommended for
these Procedures

The following list covers some of the common, surgical procedures for which Saxon Neurodiagnostics provides monitoring:

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Research Opportunities

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Types of Procedures Monitored

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Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)

IOM provides unique insight as to the real time integrity of neural structures both within as well as outside the surgical field. The goal of IOM is to rapidly detect any compromise in neurological function during a surgical procedure before permanent damage occurs.

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